Get to Know NYSIR

More than 350 New York State school districts insure themselves comprehensively and cost-effectively with NYSIR. Fully-licensed, NYSIR offers a wide range of school-related property and liability insurance, and is “A” rated by industry analyst A.M. Best. Read our Mission and Vision statements, and for information about NYSIR’s unique Student Scholarship program, click here.

Want to know what’s happening at NYSIR?  Check out our latest promotional campaigns or use the ORANGE NAVIGATION BAR above and click on the ABOUT US tab for more about NYSIR. You also can learn more about NYSIR by selecting Quick Facts.

Register to Receive Your Own NYSIR Password

Want to dig a little deeper into the NYSIR website, but don’t have the access codes? Well, now you can get your own password to our Subscriber site and do a little personal exploring. You just need to be an employee of a NYSIR subscriber school district and know the e-mail address assigned to you by your district.

It’s pretty simple, really. Just start at the public access homepage at Look for the Quick Links section at the top of the page and click on Subscribers. A log-on form will appear asking you for a user name and a password. True… you don’t have one now, but you will in a few seconds.

Look at the bottom of the form and you’ll see two links that read Register and Lost your password? Click on Register and a form will open up to begin the registration process. Complete the form using the e-mail address assigned to you by your school district. Remember: Personal e-mail addresses will not be accepted.

Submit the form and you’ll be sent a notice to the district e-mail address you used that will contain your temporary password. Use that password to log on to within 48 hours. After that, your credentials will expire.

That’s it! Now you have access to the website. Couldn’t be NYSIR, could it?

Student Scholarships

NYSIR is pleased to offer three college scholarships to SUBSCRIBER DISTRICT students: the Cristin Bambino, Paul Jensen and Joseph Goncalves memorial awards. For more information on scholarships, click here

ASBO Leadership Academy Scholarships

The NYSIR Board of Governors also supports the professional development of ASBO members by sponsoring attendance at the fall NYSASBO Academy for one person from each local chapter. For more information, visit our Scholarship Page

For more information about any subject on this page, please contact NYSIR Assistant Executive Director Tom Austin at or by phone at 516-393-2324.